BCMM-01 Custom Match MIXED FIGHT 01


From “watching” to “participating” era -. Delusional realization project “Custom Match” -.

Customers can specify the entire game content they want the participating players to perform! A special project that makes dreams and delusions easier to realize!

Realize your own fighting worldview with a custom order!!

This work is completely different from the pre-custom match series, which combines the requests of customers who purchased the rights to specify scenes, settings, and costumes into one. Instead, it is a dream project where customers can specify one whole match in a limited time, making it easier to realize individual delusions. Of course, only one match is not enough to package the project. Therefore, the battle side shoots a new work with a similar concept! The work is packed with individual attention to detail, and it is combined with similar content to upgrade the project! Why don’t you try to experience the same fan’s sensibility? You might get hooked…?

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