BOLT-02 1 Day Pro Wrestling Tournament 02


Beautiful girls show off their fierce and erotic fighting!!!
Win a tough tournament with pro wrestling + lesbian!

A tough and erotic one-day tournament!!

Cumming, stretching, and winning! The second act of a tough lesbian battle tournament that goes from the first match to the final in one day!! The first match is a unique battle between the pheromone-filled beautiful lady Reira Fujii and the beautiful GAL and natural born sadistic (top) fighter Kurumi Shiiki! The second match is between the all-around naughty-faced big-breasted Mei Hosho and the beautiful young wrestler with a naughty face and nice butt, Nana Maeno! Either one could win!! Each person has both skill and personality, and the content is very rich, making it a tournament of the same level or even higher than the first act!! The favorite to win is the sadistic Shiiki, but will the talented Maeno, who has a level of potential rarely seen in recent years, stand in her way? Or maybe…?

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