BFB-05 Battle 2020 Lucky Bag New Year's Special Fight Set


A special project featuring a total of 10 fighters!!

In response to the passionate requests from our customers, we have upgraded to an ultra-aggressive format of recording a full match instead of just the final scenes!
Once a year, we proudly present a work that can be considered an extremely cost-effective treasure edition!

This is a super-strong omnibus video collection of carefully selected matches!!

This year's lucky bag is also a luxurious package!! Five women's professional wrestling matches featuring popular wrestlers are included in this collection!
The contents range from classic pro-style fights to yuri-style women's wrestling, and even some sadistic matches where the referee completely dominates the opponent! It's a rich variety of content!
The 100-minute recording time is a great deal that you can't afford to miss!!

Women's Pro Wrestling Singles Matches

Match 1: Mayu no Yuma vs. Agemane
Match 2: Hirahana vs. Mizuki Riko
Match 3: Harusaki Mei vs. Momoi Momo
Match 4: Tenki Yurina vs. Sakuragi Yukioto
Match 5: Fukada Yui vs. Kawanami Misuzu

Mayu no Yuma, who announced her retirement in 2019, faces off against the powerhouse Agemane in a fierce battle!! We've recorded an exciting match with flashy moves!!

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