BLBC-01 Lesbian Female Boxing Colosseum 1


"Lesbian Fist Fighting "Love" Erupts!!!
Women's fists and bodies intertwined. This is a sensual arena where same-sex combat takes place... Lesbians become aroused by their fists and groins! They use their entire bodies, not just their fists, to defeat their opponents. This is boxing fetishism that oscillates between sexuality and violence!

Competitiveness, violence, and the pleasure of sex reside in their fists!!! It's a women's boxing match between the moon-faced, big-breasted, short-haired Tsukamoto Ai in blue gloves and the clear-skinned, black-haired, long-haired girl Shirayuki Yuka in a white outfit! It's a content that caters to maniacs with a fast-paced video that uses multiple cuts including the first-person perspective and the athletes' sensual lines! It includes luxury scenes of down moments, spitting and licking of mouthguards, and punches hitting the face!

This is a sensual Colosseum. As their sexual desire grows uncontrollably during the match, two of them become entangled on the ring!!!"

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