BNX-13 Next Generations Fight vol.13


Find the star of tomorrow! Newcomers dreaming of the future collide with their pride at stake!!
Sexy girl vs sexy older sister showdown! What will be the outcome of the battle between these promising newcomers?

Will the future champion be born here!? A newcomer series to discover new stars! Maiko Yahiro, who looks fragile with her A-cup breasts, and Nagi Miyoshi, a sexy older sister with a plump body, face off in a contrasting matchup. Despite her frail appearance, Yahiro proves to be quite aggressive with her attacks, causing Miyoshi's plump, sexy body to scream in agony! Yahiro launches an attack that seems to expose Miyoshi's plump hips to those around her, while Miyoshi returns the favor by embarrassing Yahiro with a submission hold! It's a classic fight where cute girls compete without illegal moves, but with sexy scenes sprinkled throughout. Who will emerge victorious!?

Loli girl vs plump, sexy body showdown!! Grab your chance to become tomorrow's champion!!

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