The chosen one who bears the BWP and the current triple crown champion put on a divine match!

Arisa Kawasaki took over the BWP banner from charismatic YUE. Momo Nako, who took the belt from YUE, creating a war. In the past, these two have faced each other, and at that time, Momo demonstrated a difference in class and won. However, time has passed, and their careers and positions have changed significantly. Both of them have climbed to their current positions with their own hands! Will Kawasaki get revenge on her rival and create a resurgence for BWP?

Although this is a non-title match, the outcome is still significant! This big match is essential to discuss in 2020!

The strongest players battle on the highest battlefield.

Momo Nako is the industry's strongest queen, holding the Battle Heavyweight title and three other titles. She has the most versatile skills in the industry and is a skillful player who continues to evolve even after becoming a champion. In this match, she must not lose as the face of FGI and the industry!

Arisa Kawasaki is a legitimate icon for BWP, a natural but serious and hardworking person. She excels in throwing techniques, has a kind personality, but is secretly a sadist! She continues to grow and grasp her current position entirely by her own power. There is no one else but her who holds the key to BWP's resurgence!

The strongest non-title match card! FGI vs. BWP! Queen vs. new icon! Although it is a non-title match, the battle between the top two organizations is a dream match! Previous matches are of no reference! The match is a parade of high-level techniques and the BEST content! Momo once again showed off a new technique by diving out of the ring! Kawasaki also did not lose! Her technique's sharpness increased significantly, and she attacked with a good tempo! Both of these players' skills and charm are enchanting! Finally, an unexpected outcome! This is an essential content that cannot be missed when learning about the story! Which one of them pulled the tide with their own hands? A super masterpiece that you must watch now is born!

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