BW-54 BWP Boxing 04 Performance


A video work capturing the evolving legend was held at Akiba Navispace on September 25, 2021 [SAT]!!

The fourth installment of the world's only Akihabara-originated, female boxing event featuring beautiful women only! This was a super female boxing fight that brought together powerful fighters, including three debutants, for an exciting event!!

It was not by chance, but by necessity! BWP Boxing has consistently provided high-level boxing fights, and once again, they have made this event a great success!!

Battle World Pro Boxing!!! Beautiful female boxers fought with all their heart and soul, risking their own souls and pride, while fans watched in awe, showing intense, poignant, and passionate battles!! Witness the moment of struggle of the chosen ones who have worked hard to receive applause on this stage!!

BWP Boxing is evolving even more and becoming more stable! Unique and exciting matches are a must-see!!

The content is a sure-fire hit with three matches!! Toyonaka, who won her first victory in the previous LIVE, faced off against the popular and highly anticipated beauty, Kanai Ai, in the first match. In the second match, Heavyweight Otsu Alice and Kagura Rin put on a breathtaking fight, which was the most intense match of the event. The main event was the debut of Iwasawa Kayo, who took on Shinmura Akari, who boasted an otherworldly strength, with determination!! This time, the approach was different from before, with the weight class of the fighters unified for each match. The content is diverse with differences in each match, but the unique direction remains intact. This is the world's only beautiful girl boxing LIVE, captured on video!!

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