SHB-02 Housement Boxing Sex Vol. 02


Erotic fighting in a closed room, a showdown between two people
Take control of your opponent by mounting them on top!! Make them come with a glove job!! Strike them with powerful punches!! A fighting match and sexual humiliation between a man and a woman in a closed room with no escape!! Feel the eroticism in the battle that takes place in this confined space!!

This is a boxing match that takes place in an "indoor" setting, different from a ring, between a "man" and a "woman". The loser will receive punishment from the winner. In this match, "Ichiba Kono" is not afraid to say that "boxing = K.O." Will she be able to crush the male opponent's technique with her powerful punches and claim victory? The fight that bets on the pride of a man and a woman begins now.

The conversation of a couple who were chatting turns to a recent boxing title match. The man thinks that technique is important and that a win by decision is also valid, while the woman believes that a knockout victory is the most glamorous aspect of entertainment sports. Their differing opinions eventually lead to a quarrel, and they both want to settle their differences with their fists...

Punching while committing an act! Keep punching relentlessly!! Feel pleasure and intense pain with body shots and cowgirl position! Take down your opponent's face with accurate strikes!! Erotic fighting mixed with sexual assault! Beat and humiliate your opponent! Punch them in the body and face!

Recording of a man and a woman's indoor fistfight, brought together by their different perspectives on boxing. It's not about being a man or a woman, but rather about betting on human pride and reaching a KO decision. After the match, the loser will be left at the mercy of the winner, becoming their comfort woman. This is a must-see for MIX boxing fans.

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