VKID-36 Battle Thanksgiving Festival 2017 Special 2 Days Commemorative Special DVD 1 Give Up Scene Collection


Completely new footage shot just for this release!!
A luxurious compilation of give-up scenes featuring a total of six wrestlers across three matches!!!

A super valuable work that records only the scenes where wrestlers were subjected to one-sided techniques and ended up giving up in defeat was released on December 16th and 17th, 2017, to commemorate the Battle Thanksgiving Festival. This work features a luxurious cast of popular and skilled wrestlers, including YUE and Kanata Tsuruta, who participated in the event.

A must-see omnibus movie for technique enthusiasts and fans of the wrestlers!!

[Matches Included]
– Kanata Tsuruta vs. Sari Umino
– YUE vs. Koh Akemi
– Kyoko Hashimoto vs. Ruri Maeda

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