B-1TI-2 B-1 Title match 02 Mari Koizumi vs. Sakura Mochizuki


Are they the interim champion or the strongest challenger? Witness a special battle!!

The interim B-1 champion, who won the tournament, and the ace of Fighting Movies will compete for the title under the two-out-of-three falls rule!!

Due to former champion Yuu Akagi not defending her belt for a long time, she was forced to vacate it. As a result, Mariko Koizumi, who won the B-1 tournament 4th, will have a formal title match. The opponent was the subject of much discussion, but based on Koizumi's strong desire and her emergence as a top player in Fighting Movies, Sakura Mochizuki was chosen. Former champion Akagi was completely defeated by the queen of the crownless in the FG Promotion, Hitomi Aragaki. The B-1 champion is one of the highest titles in BATTLE. BATTLE champions must always be strong!! To prove that, they must compete against players from other organizations and rediscover their value!! Koizumi is faced with a situation where she must be prepared to lose as the BATTLE title will leak out to other organizations if she loses!! Meanwhile, Mochizuki bears the heavy responsibility of carrying her organization's banner, but can she withstand it!?

The ultimate fight between two strong and beautiful women is a must-see!!!!

A super fight featuring a barrage of powerful moves!!
Power bombs, Michinoku drivers, brain busters, German suplexes, and other powerful moves that deliver a deadly blow to opponents are unleashed!! Their talents collide on the ring!!
Only a B-1 title match can produce this level of quality!! A fierce and soulful three-out-of-five falls match will heat up the battle's outcome!! However, the surprising thing is Mochizuki, the challenger. She has challenged Koizumi, who has a career, to a fair fight and created this special match!! What will be the outcome of the seesaw game of equally matched players?

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