BEPM-01 Extreme Premium Match VOLUME.1


"Super Fight Unleashed by Two Threatening Rookies!! The Ultimate Battle in their Debut Match!!

High-angle Brainbuster, Powerbomb, German Suplex, and other huge moves that are beyond rookies' level are exploding!! Two rookie superstars who are threats have come to the battle mat! Although the match was set up as a "Sexy Pro Wrestling" with the wrestlers wearing sexy costumes, it was an intense and high-level battle that did not seem like a rookie fight! The two rookies performed high-angle Brainbusters, Powerbombs, German Suplexes, and other huge moves one after another in their debut match! But they were not just using big moves, they were also fighting with their fighting spirit and all their might, and the opponent's powerful screams due to the strength of their techniques were also tremendous! Due to the high quality of the match, director Rosenkavalier decided to send it out into the world not as the originally planned "Sexy Style Battle" but as a new high-grade match called the "Extreme Premium Match". Watch the great and amazing battle between Nishiguchi Arare, Maisaka Jinmi, and the two super rookies!!

Even without illegal weapon attacks, their power is extreme!! It's a best of three with two rounds to win!!"

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