SMJ-09 Delusion Female Pro-wrestling Vol.09


Second installment for maniacs directed by a genuine amateur enthusiast!!

This time, the fantasy is to watch a match with a storyline and plenty of defeated faces!! What's necessary for a female pro catfight isn't just flashy and fierce fighting, but also the individual setting, background, dialogues, and descriptions of the players. The players who confront each other are better off being contrasting characters, and this time, we've prepared a teenage girl with a slender older sister type and an idol character with a chubby figure. Filming focuses not only on the shape of the techniques but also on the players' bodies and defeated faces (showing the attacker's face less frequently). Instead of creating an action movie-like style, we'll make it fragmented and dramatic. However, since we'll be watching it from a fetishist's point of view, we won't include any strange production and will create it to be easily and practically watched. With these, we propose a fusion of emotional empathy and erotic perspective as a maniac.

A genuine amateur director expresses his unique worldview.
The beautiful mask woman, "Spark Kikumi," was once a popular wrestler who retired after being injured in a match. After retiring, she became a trainer under the name "Saori Kikumi." She discovered young talent, "Nanami Riria," and raised her with love, but because of her excessive affection, Kikumi treated Nanami harshly. Nanami didn't know Kikumi's feelings and rebelled, challenging her to a match. Kikumi won the match and it seemed like things were back to normal, but Nanami left Kikumi...

A master-student confrontation where love leads to turning on the disciple! The victory is overwhelming!!
Later, Nanami challenged Kikumi twice to get revenge, but Kikumi dominated her each time and told her to come back to her side. Nanami ignored her. Meanwhile, Kikumi's knee injury healed, either for the sake of her training to deal with Nanami or to make a miraculous comeback. In her comeback match, her opponent was none other than Nanami Riria. It wasn't a personal revenge match like before, but a regular match. And this time, Kikumi fought in the ring as "Spark Kikumi." She took it seriously in front of the people who had high expectations of her, but she was overwhelmed by Nanami's growth...
The former disciple uses the techniques taught by her master! A heartbreaking battle between two people who pass by each other!!

Back by popular demand!! A maniac's video directed by a genuine amateur enthusiast!!

What is the Fantasy Series?
It's a series made to visualize fan's requests. It's a work that stands on the user's side more.

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