SOX-05 Delusion Mix Boxing Vol.05


Mania specifications! Super practical boxing sex!!! A showdown between a beautiful woman and an erotic boxing match!! Your fantasies become reality!

This post is a response to the request of a mania who wants to dominate a female boxer with a cute face but a great physique both in a match and sexually on the ring. We provide 10 patterns of classic endings and knockdown scenes after showing plenty of the match. We will take the defeated and humiliated girl and forcefully bring her into boxing sex, thoroughly insulting her to the fullest extent!! Please enjoy the boxing eroticism that unfolds entirely on the ring!

Enjoy a carefully crafted match and sex with an idol-like boxer!! Yona Ueda, with her cute face and athletic body, battles a man in a real boxing match! After fighting passionately on the ring, sweating and spitting, they ignite even further with boxing sex!!

Manias who want to get off with boxing, wait no more! First, we recorded the boxing match, then we prepared 10 variations of the ending scenes and a beautiful woman's knockdown figure. The girl who bravely faced her opponent at first is beaten down and loses the will to resist as she falls to the ground, seductively collapsing. The excited man begins to strip off her costume and violate her on the ring. As she weakly resists, he punches her mercilessly. The scene of her falling down covered in sweat and saliva, and the forced boxing sex is packed with content as usual!

10 patterns of ending scenes on the ring & MIX boxing & sex as is!!
The beautiful woman falls helplessly and collapses under the intense cross-counter exploding on her face!! She is cornered and pummeled relentlessly!! After a complete K.O., she is forcefully violated by the man!! Beautiful body, powerful visuals. A fantasy come true!!

What is the "fantasy" series?
This is a series made to visualize fan requests. It is a work that takes into account the user's side."

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