BDJB-02 Same character women's boxing 02


Forbidden live-action same-character battle!?"

Can you defeat yourself in a best-of-three match?
After the huge success of the first installment, which featured a same-character battle in live-action that no one else dared to attempt, the series that resonated with a small group of passionate fans has finally released its second volume! This time, the battle is between Momona Ako and... Momona Ako! The beautiful female boxer who looks great in her boxing style and is very popular, faces herself in the ring to prove her own existence. It's a strange and unimaginable experience to see Momona both knocked down and looking down on herself in the ring. This masterpiece was created with incredible effort and dedication from everyone involved, and it's our gift to all of our fans!

Utilizing camera angles, cuts, and effects, we've brought same-character battles to life!

If you're fighting against yourself, the inevitable outcome is a double knockout!

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