BFB-08 Battle 2023 Lucky Bag New Year Special Fight Set


A special project featuring six popular fighters in total!!
This year, in response to our passionate customers' requests, we have recorded each fighter's one full match. A valuable collection of four matches, totaling 100 minutes, that can only be seen here! Once a year, a very cost-effective and precious product is completed with great pride!

This is a super-strong omnibus video collection of carefully selected matches! The annual battle lucky bag includes four matches! Popular fighters, some of whom you may have seen in previous battle works, will gather in this lucky bag! Secret battles that have never been seen before will be revealed here! It's a once-a-year festive event! Of course, this year's matches will be recorded in full, from start to finish! Please have this valuable collection of matches that can only be seen here at your fingertips!!

Match 1: Nozomi Arimura vs Nana Maeno
Match 2: Nozomi Arimura vs male wrestler
Match 3: Kaho Kashii vs Aoi Nanase
Match 4: Natsuki Kisaragi vs Hikaru Minazuki

A luxurious package that includes six people and four full matches!!
A large volume of generous servings, including ultra-valuable fights that may never be seen anywhere else!

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