BLBF-15 Lesbian Battlefield 15


A new realm of lesbian battles where only women are allowed to fight on the ring has unfolded!

When women step into the ring, it becomes a battlefield where no one can stop the ruthless lesbian battle! Winning is not just about martial arts skills, it's also about the technique to make the opponent come, and the love for the opponent is also an important point! It is because of the love for the opponent that one wants to make them come! Here and now, the lesbian battle field is unfolding!!

This is the 15th popular lesbian battle series where you can enjoy both victory and defeat of both fighters!! The two girls, Mitsuki Nagisa and Mirai Natsume, who are characterized by their aggressive sexual techniques, engage in a one-on-one lesbian battle!! A fierce battle fuck that emotionally heats up is unfolding, and waiting at the end of the sweet and poignant fight is a humiliating defeat!! What kind of development will lead both to defeat!?

Mitsuki Nagisa:
Strong! Cute! Amazing! This beautiful girl fighter dominates the ring with her overwhelming power, but how will she handle the intricate lesbian battle?

Mirai Natsume:
A talented fighter with a nice body and her beauty is polished. The opponent is a strong enemy, but if it's a lesbian battle, she can see a way to win!? She wants to use her past experiences in the ring for this fight.

Make your opponent come faster!!
AB part specification where the ending changes!!

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