BCMM-18 Custom Match MIXED FIGHT 18


A sharp content born solely from a single wish, packed with the desire of one person!
This time, a full-length custom story with the same content from beginning to end!

Everyone has their own unique desires, with countless variations and diversity. As many as the number of people, so are the wishes...
If this content resonates with your heart, you will surely become irreplaceable friends...!!

Bring your own unique fighting world to life with a custom order!!
Unlike the pre-custom match series, which combines the specified scenes, settings, and costumes of each customer into one, this work takes a completely different approach. It allows customers to specify an entire match within a limited time, making personal fantasies easier to realize. Normally, it would require sufficient recording time to release it as a product, so additional matches similar to the concept of customer customizations are included. If customers purchase multiple shooting slots or utilize the stories they have created to create an extended-length match, it becomes a complete work!

The customer's request this time is a domination mixed pro-wrestling match where a masked beauty is beaten by a powerful male wrestler! We pay attention to the story and setting, and it may be even more enjoyable to watch other works in conjunction with this one! El Desperado, a person rumored to be involved in the sabotage of "Project K," receives a challenge letter. Desperado awaits his opponent in the designated underground ring, and there appears Esperanza (Mitsuki Nagisa), an assassin sent by Avenger K, in charge of Project K. Esperanza, with infinite potential hidden in her body.
However, her attacks have no effect, and Desperado shows complete composure. Can she overcome this overwhelming crisis?!

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