BDOB-01 Domination Only Women’s Boxing 1


Two Complete Defeats Are Coming!!

Both fighters were showing off their confidence during the pre-match interview. However, their arrogant attitude towards their opponent only added to their shame. If only they had made a different move or chosen their words more carefully, the outcome of the fight might have been completely different. Both possibilities are visualized in this video!!

There was only one-sided domination in this fight!! It’s good to have confidence in oneself, but if it leads to arrogance, the end result can be humiliating!!

There are two possible outcomes to this fight. What sets it apart from other branching works with two possible endings is that the story takes a completely different path from start to finish depending on the content of the pre-match interview. One wrong word can have an immeasurable impact on the opponent. This fight can go either way due to carelessness or anger, resulting in a complete defeat for one of the fighters. Enjoy both outcomes to the fullest!!

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