BDOB-02 Domination Only Women’s Boxing 2


Two complete defeats are coming!!

In the pre-match interview, the two fighters show their confidence. However, their attitude of looking down on their opponents will only add to their shame. If they had taken a different action or not made one wrong word, the result might have been completely different in the match. Both possibilities are visualized in this video!!

Having confidence in oneself is a good thing, but if it turns into conceit, it will lead to a humiliating outcome…!!

This fight has two possible outcomes. Unlike other branching works with two previous outcomes, this one has a completely different development from start to finish depending on the content of the pre-match interview. As the saying goes, words can be a source of trouble and even a pheasant will not be shot if it does not crow. One wrong word can have an immeasurable impact on the opponent. Enjoy two different developments of the fight, where careless mistakes or anger can lead to a complete defeat and the fighters’ disgraceful performance!!

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