BHPY-01 She likes belly punch ~ Yuri side ~ 01


"Man and woman" is not the only form of love. Even between women, or between two belly-punching enthusiasts, a couple can form as long as there is love. Two individuals splurged and rented a studio with a ring, indulging in their kinky play of punching each other's stomachs...

The joy of being punched... the joy of being hit...
Love takes on many forms...

Nowadays, it's normal for girls to be in a relationship with each other as a couple.

If we were to point out something special about this couple, it would be their hobby of "belly punching." It's a strange relationship where they punch each other's stomachs and feel good.

The facial expressions, sounds, and depth of feeling when punching and being punched, are all erotic. This recording captures two pairs who indulge in pleasure and drown in ecstasy as their consciousness fades away.

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