BRFJ-02 Real Fight Women’s Pro Wrestling 02


No more need to hesitate. There are only two possible outcomes of the match, victory or defeat, for both sides!

The same match captured from multiple angles by numerous cameras! Even though it’s the same match, you can enjoy different patterns in a fresh way!

It’s a serious battle between women with no audience to be ashamed in front of. Ariia Narumiya, who boasts high skills since her debut, and Tsukasa Nagano, who combines combat sense and athletic ability, both are promising wrestlers of BWP with experience in live fights, are fighting each other! The contents of this serious match are… the loser will have their swimsuit stripped off and be punished cruelly by being turned into a toy for the winner while still naked!! In order to avoid such an unbearable punishment, the two fierce fighters will unleash their full strength, resulting in an intense and captivating development that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of for a moment!

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