B-1TM-8 B-1 Tournament SECOND-First game


Win the fierce battle and aim for the throne of the 2nd B-1 Queen!!
B-1 Tournament SECOND is starting!! Who will reign as the Battle Queen!?

The highly anticipated B-1 Tournament SECOND is finally here!! The strongest fighters are gathering! Battle Original presents the 2nd B-1 Tournament fight to determine the strongest champion!! This is a heated battle among women for the title of champion. The legend begins once again!! The glamorous and beautiful players have gathered. There is no second chance; only the winners can advance through this absolute battle.

Stephanie McClain
McClain, who has a model-like beauty and is popular for her aggression, has little experience in Battle. In past matches, she defeated a senior Battle player and showed her high level of ability. Her first-class taunts and bullying, woven with English, are top-notch. This cool and violent American queen aims to be the Battle Queen too!!

Natsuki Mia
Natsuki, a beautiful girl with fair skin and an idol-like personality, has a never-give-up attitude and will fiercely cling to her opponents once the match starts, despite her fragile looks. One of Natsuki's colleagues was defeated by McClain in the past, and now she is driven by revenge to not only aim for the queen's throne but to also get revenge.

The 2nd B-1 Tournament is finally being held!! Among the beautiful women who have gathered, who will be crowned the B-1 Queen!? The first match is between the American beauty McClain and the idol wrestler Natsuki from Battle. McClain entangles Natsuki with her long limbs and mercilessly torments her until she's exhausted. Although Natsuki struggles, she is still at a disadvantage. McClain becomes impatient with Natsuki's unwillingness to give up and takes out handcuffs and a whip, which is a foul move...!! However, this is not the end of Natsuki's story...!?
The highly anticipated Japan-US match is the opening match!! Who is truly the strongest!?

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