BCMM-14 Custom Match MIXED FIGHT 14


A sharp content born only because it is a wish filled with only one person’s desire! This time, a long custom story with the same content for the entire video!

As many people as there are, there are as many wishes as there are people. If this content resonates with you, you will surely become a unique friend…!!

Realize your own fighting world view with a custom order!!
This work is a dream project that makes individual imaginations easier to realize by having customers purchase the right to specify each scene, setting, and costume and then combining them into one video, which is completely different from the pre-custom match series. Normally, additional matches similar to the customer’s custom concept are added to sell as a product, but this time, the customer requested to purchase multiple shooting slots and shoot it all as one video!! Their desire that couldn’t be contained in just one slot is expressed through plenty of time!

The customer’s request this time is for complete domination!! And it’s a big project that uses the entire video! If the male wrestler’s attack can be endured until the end-of-match bell, the prize money is a whopping 10 million yen!! Even if they faint, the challenge will continue if they regain consciousness within 10 counts!! However, the challenger must not resist during the match under the harsh rule! Manami Ayana, dressed as a schoolgirl, participates in this dark match and tries to endure the male wrestler’s attacks, but she is relentlessly beaten without resistance, with a barrage of strikes, chokes, and stomach punches. This video is filled with the customer’s wish, which could be described as insane, including the sight of her eyes rolling back, drooling, vomiting stomach contents, and convulsing!! And finally… .

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