BWO-02 BWP Intergender woman Winning Vol.02


Professional wrestling is a noble competition that determines the truly strong by using only one's body to overpower the opponent and subdue them. In this fight, women have challenged men in intergender matches, on completely equal "fair" terms, where the truth is revealed! The reality is that women are stronger than men! It's time to shatter the "protected" pride of men as a distinction! Beautiful female wrestlers surpassing men in strength await you in this video!!

Match 1: Yua Nanami
A magical fairy idol warrior has appeared in BWP!
Yua Nanami is a beautiful idol wrestler with outstanding idol qualities in her gestures, character, and physique. She makes her pro wrestling debut in BWP! She's not just cute! She overwhelms male wrestlers with her solid fighting style and techniques! Who would've thought a cute girl could be so strong! Don't miss the fight of this ultra-talented fighter who is sure to shine in BWP!

Match 2: Yukine Sakuragi
A talented and beautiful fighter shines a new light in BWP!
Yukine Sakuragi is a beautiful fighter full of transparency. She debuted as a new fighter in BWP against a male fighter! Sakuragi is full of talent, but the male fighter can't be beaten easily! In the midst of a back-and-forth attack, the difference in their skills gradually becomes apparent...! She shows off her coolness, surpassing the male fighter in a fight that's not one-sided! Fans must watch this match to experience her charm!

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