FGV-43 Fighting Girls in Osaka 2013.10.12


On October 12, 2013, "Fighting Girls in Osaka" was held, and this DVD records the events of that day. It was the first time for the event to come to the Kansai region, with eight beautiful women competing against each other. Gravure idols, race queens, and active idols also joined the event to liven up the Osaka performance. The venue was heated up for this one-day event!

Opening Match - Attack on Idol I:
The opening match featured H-cup gravure idol Ami Aso. She may not have any element to win, but as the first to challenge the idol challenge, she has the determination to lead the way. Will her special attack spirit create a miracle, or will it turn into a domination? The first match to watch out for!

Second Match - Attack on Idol II:
As the Osaka representative, even if she is considered a superior opponent, she cannot afford to have a disappointing match in her hometown. She should have had a considerable amount of stamina consumed in the first match. The time has come for active race queen Natsuki Higurashi to show her spirit! She aims not only to take revenge, but also to achieve a major upset against a cocky opponent!

Third Match - Attack on Idol III:
With two matches already played, even if she is a legendary woman, there is a high chance of winning. Orthodox beautiful idol Reon Ogawa is ready to coolly defeat the monster. She will not lose under these conditions. However, can she really stop the advancing opponent? The third match to end the idol challenge!

Semifinal - Grappler vs Striker:
FG's technician "Gacky" appears in Osaka! The super heroine with good defense and offense will undoubtedly play an active role this time as well. Her opponent is the fierce striker "Mao Kinjo" player, who has a background in action and kickboxing. She has also learned techniques from pro wrestling for this match and is well-prepared. Will her powerful kicks defeat the FG ace? Expect a high-level fight that embodies the phrase "beautiful and strong" in this excellent match!

Main Event - Queen meets Princess:
The current Fighting Girls champion "Nana Kunimi" faces off against the popular active gravure idol "Runa Amamiya" in a one-on-one match! Amamiya has won against big names like Aika and Kozue Maki in FG7 and FG8, and her skills are rapidly improving! However, the emergency decision to compete against the queen is a suitable opportunity to test her true worth. On the other hand, Kunimi has been struggling in FG. Losing here would not be acceptable! Both are petite, but their physical abilities and techniques are excellent and full of highlights!

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