SOX-01 Delusion Mix Boxing Vol.01


Popular athlete “Rin Hitomi” appears! A showdown between a beauty and sensual boxing!! Your fantasy becomes reality!

This time’s fantasy submission is… I want to see a beautiful, slender model-like woman with a toned body doing boxing!! In response to that request, the long-awaited MIX boxing from the fantasy series is finally here. The first installment features the famous beauty “Rin Hitomi”!! A luxurious male-female showdown has become a reality!! We also put effort into filming and directing with multiple angles and powerful visuals. Your fantasy is here!!

The well-known popular beauty appears in a fantasy work!!
Long limbs, well-proportioned slender body, and super-class beauty. She has also proven her athleticism in previous works, and now she appears in the fantasy series. She has confidence that comes with both skill and popularity.

Boxing is beautiful because slender, muscular women do it!! We present to you the long-awaited fantasy MIX boxing that caters to your passionate desires!! The ideal boxing beauty is right in front of you from the first installment! The filming method captures the scene from various angles, with a dark ring, and punches that send saliva flying, and powerful visuals that make use of special effects. It is designed so that you can enjoy the body of a woman in a boxing costume beautifully and thoroughly. The world of maniacs that is “completely practical” and reaches the most erotic parts is realized!!

A slender boxing beauty from a maniac’s perspective.
Punch the woman’s belly!! Attack with an uppercut that makes saliva fly!! Body blow while being violated!!! Beautiful body, powerful visuals. Fantasy realization!!

What is the Fantasy series?
A series created to visualize the fans’ requests. It is a work that focuses on the user’s side.

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