BBWP-07 BWP Tournament Final


Beautiful female wrestlers fight fiercely and have intense sex in MIX wrestling!!

Introducing the highly anticipated newcomer fighter, Jun Haruaki!!!

This large rookie is known for his well-proportioned looks and beautiful slender style. He has been selected for the serious sex wrestling ring due to his combat skills, attractive appearance, and dedicated personality. Despite being a rookie female wrestler, she aims for a big victory against tough male wrestlers.

The fourth installment of the serious sex wrestling series from Fighting Zone JAPAN features a high-level newcomer with potential to be an ace, Jun Haruaki. In a preliminary match in the dressing room, Haruaki showed off her abilities by making a strong male wrestler give up, despite him underestimating her as a rookie female wrestler. In the ring, the male wrestler attacked with all his might to maintain his dignity, but Haruaki boldly used pleasure torment to stop his movements and took control of the pace with advanced wrestling techniques. This is a must-see masterpiece for fans, featuring a rookie female wrestler aiming for a big victory against male opponents.

For those who can only get sexual excitement from fighting, such as pro wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts, or those who get aroused by the beauty of fighting styles and costumes, this series has been created to fulfill the desires of such enthusiasts. The intense and perverse match on the ring is sure to satisfy the fetishes of these enthusiasts. [By Meisan Tsukijiro]

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