BCM-02 Contrast Match Vol.2


Mayura Kawase is a serious and innocent girl who comes from a small town with a dream of becoming a wrestler. She is devoted to professional wrestling and her debut match is against the veteran wrestler Akane Obata, who is a senior in both wrestling career and as a woman. Obata not only aims to win the match but also aims to charm the audience with her provocative T-back costume. Kawase is surprised by Obata's boldness and finds it difficult to accept as a pure athlete devoted to wrestling. As the match begins, Kawase, full of youth and devotion to wrestling, throws herself at Obata with all her might but is overwhelmed by Obata's sly and sexy attacks. She even suffers humiliating attacks such as having Obata's bare buttocks rubbed in her face. What will happen in the contrasted battle between the sexy and provocative adult wrestler and the innocent and lovely serious girl wrestler?

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