BCM-04 Contrast Match Vol.4


Tall and Beautiful Wrestler Yuna Honda receives a Topless Punishment!

Yuna Honda, a tall and beautiful wrestler, revealed the outcome of her match against Yuri Maeno on SNS right after the match, which angered her coach. As punishment, her coach orders her to fight against Hinano Mari, a small wrestler, while topless, hoping to motivate her to win the match and become a mainstream wrestler. Despite Honda's height advantage, Mari taunts her by touching her breasts and using dirty tactics that stir up Honda's shame. Honda, who is not particularly strong in fights, does her best to perform a powerbomb to graduate from being topless. However, Mari counters with illegal attacks, and Honda, with her tall model figure, falls victim to humiliation as she is physically and mentally abused by a smaller wrestler wearing a costume. It is a humiliating match with a remarkable portrayal of Honda's vulnerability and sadness as she is dominated while topless.

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