BCMC-17 Custom match CATFIGHT 17


Bring your own fighting world view to life with custom orders!!

This work differs completely from the previous custom match series, which consolidated the requests of customers who purchased the right to specify scenes, settings, and costumes into a single work. This new concept allows customers to specify an entire match within a limited time, making it easier to bring personal fantasies to life. Of course, a single work is not enough to be packaged, so a new production with a similar concept is shot on the battle side! By aggregating works filled with individual preferences and those with similar content into a single work, it becomes even more powerful! Why not experience the same fan sensibilities? You might even become addicted to it...?

In this only 5 count match, which is fought in customer-specified costumes such as mini-skirts, white and black high socks, Akari Shinmura and Nozomi Arimura, who possess both strength and beauty, desperately battle each other using mainly techniques that require them to open their legs and embarrassingly expose themselves. It's a classic wrestling battle with panty flashes!

Incredibly, in this fight, there is no specification of victory or defeat from the customer, and the real, heart-pounding fight to determine the winner and loser takes place on the spot! The stylish and beautiful women, Shinmura and Arimura, engage in a fierce battle wearing erotic costumes such as uniforms, black pantyhose, and T-backs!! Who will be suffocated and lose their fighting spirit due to the face-sitting that emphasizes their costumes?

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