BHUJ-02 Belly Punch Underground Women's Boxing 02


Second edition of the underground series of women's boxing with belly punching!

The Secret Society of Belly Punch Maniacs has once again released a belly punching work! This series is the women's boxing version where the beautiful female fighters who were previously attacked now take on the roles of both punching and being punched! The intense heat born from women punching each other, their true nature, and the fierce seesaw game that comes from equally matched opponents!

The sight of these strong and beautiful women showing expressions of agony, spitting out saliva and stomach acid as they fall to the ground is truly exceptional! Experience the impact of punches hitting that special spot called the "body" where danger and opportunity intersect!

The target is the opponent's belly! Belly!! Belly!!! Women boxers hitting each other for real!! This time, four women will aim to hit their opponent's belly in two matches! Expect a seesaw game full of anguish from both sides!

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