BWPT-03 BWP Title Match Vol.03 YUE vs. Haruna Ikoma


Superb Fight!! BWP Title Defense Match!
There's no room for flukes. Prove your strength in a best-of-three match!
Haruna Ikoma, who is renowned for being the "toughest fighter," having beaten Hitomi Aragaki to a pulp and forced her to forfeit, has appeared before YUE, who reigns as the first BWP champion! Ikoma is a powerhouse with an overwhelming physical ability, capable of executing high-level techniques one after the other and earning fans' trust by always putting up intense fights. YUE finds himself in a tough spot, facing such a formidable opponent who, surprisingly, has not yet won a belt.

Both fighters' strong will is tested as high-level techniques are launched with ease. They have grown tremendously, making this a refined, super fight befitting a title match!

With the three-fall rule in effect, stamina distribution and mental toughness are put to the test. These two have already proven their ability, making this a brutal match! It's a wonder they haven't faced each other before; it's a surefire, god-tier match!

YUE, as the current BWP champion, faces this match with further evolution in mind. His defensive techniques have also matured, making this his prime time! On the other hand, Ikoma's strength is unparalleled, outshining any current champion, and she is now looking to experience a coronation and usher in a new era!

One wrong move, and you'll pass out! This is the battle of the summit!

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