BJMD-01 Judgment Day - Loser Must Go To Hell !!!


After the match, the loser is subjected to humiliating training... Even after being physically battered, the nightmare doesn't end. They are now subjected to mental humiliation that strips them of their human dignity... Aosaki Ren is an aggressive heel who won't stop talking even when attacking or being attacked. She hurls verbal abuse while attacking. Conversely, her screams when being attacked are tremendous. Natsumi Yuhara is a traditional babyface who, despite losing her debut match, has the potential for great success in the future. The match between Babyface and Heel sees Yuhara struggling against Aosaki's illegal weapon attacks, despite being considered superior in ability... Who will the goddess of victory smile upon? And for the loser, the final judgment will be handed down, plunging them into hell...!!

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