BCMC-20 Custom Match CATFIGHT 20


Bring your own fighting world view to reality with a custom order!!

This work is a completely different approach from the pre-custom match series, which combines the scenes, settings, and costumes specified by each customer into one, and is a dream project that makes it easier to realize individual imagination by asking customers to specify one whole match within a limited time. This time, we have a completely custom order from one customer after a long time!! The serious fight to the death, the agony of the resulting expression, and the players' activities enveloped in a sense of urgency are a must-see!!

Under the name of Extreme Deathmatch, we continue to attack one-sidedly by intimidating the opponent with spray attacks from the opening and the opponent is exhausted after the fierce fight... This is a work for customers who particularly value the exchange leading up to this point and the expression of the loser's suffering. Furthermore, the specification of the duel catfight this time has a 2-pattern specification where the winner reverses! This is the strength of the custom match!!

In the Extreme Match, where each person can bring in one deadly weapon, the custom regulars, Akari Arimura and Nozomi Arimura, put on a battle that makes it understandable why they are regulars once again! These two challenge each other to kill their opponents by making full use of their skills and the deadly weapon they brought in... The customer's commitment is packed into the expressions of their suffering and gestures when they faint!!

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