BFB-07 Battle 2022 New Year's Lucky Bag Special Fight Set


Special program featuring 10 fighters in total!!
In response to passionate requests from customers again this year, each match is fully recorded!
Five valuable matches that can only be seen here are recorded for a total of 100 minutes!!
Once a year, a great deal of work that can be called a treasure edition is boldly completed!!

A super-powerful omnibus video collection that condenses carefully selected matches!!
The annual Battle Lucky Bag includes five matches!! These include matches with a significant difference in size, previously unreleased separate decision route footage from a secret show, a boxing match with branching endings, and treasured footage from the vault. We will deliver these matches, which are condensed into one video at an affordable price, in an annual festival atmosphere!! Of course, this year's matches are fully recorded from the beginning to the end!! Don't miss the valuable matches that can only be seen here!!

Recorded Matches: *Listed with the names at the time of filming.
Match 1: Mayu Nagisawa vs. Alice Toyonaka
Match 2: Aria Narumiya vs. Ichika Kasagi
Match 3: Satomi Honda vs. Misaki Yumeno
Match 4: Alice Mizushima vs. Aimi Otozaki
Match 5: Kou Asumi vs. Mio Shinohara

Super luxurious!! 10 people and 5 matches are fully recorded!!

Must-see works include footage of active players under a different name, branching matches, and previously unreleased separate decision routes from already-released matches!!

A grand feast of a large volume!!

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