BVKI-01 Real Idol Challenges Enduring Wrestling Techniques!! 01


Only those in the know are aware of it, but the reboot of the ABV streaming content "Idols Challenging Endurance to Pro-Wrestling Techniques" is here! Maeda Ako-chan, with her dazzling smile, will do her best to endure pro-wrestling techniques while making it her goal to withstand them. Despite her tall and small-faced model-like figure, she has a baby-face and is adorable, so immerse yourself in her struggles on video!

If she endures the techniques for a certain amount of time, she wins!

If Ako-chan can withstand the techniques of a muscular male wrestler without giving up, she will be the victor, but she can't endure it as much as she thought and ends up showing a face of screams and agony!

Ako-chan gives up due to too much pain! However, the ruthless male wrestler will not release the technique! He intends to keep it up until the time limit is reached! Although she is usually full of energy and smiles, at this time, her expression changes to one of agony and she moans in pain...!! Pro-wrestling techniques are intense!

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