BNGM-02 Next Generations MIX Vol.2


Find talented players who will lead tomorrow's battles! A promising new player debuts in the battle and challenges MIX fight! This time, it's the super cute player, Mio Misaki, who looks just like an idol. But don't be fooled by her appearance! She's actually a promising player with great skills! However, she's up against a tough male player in her first match! Can this cute player really fight against a man?

The match begins. Instead of being overwhelmed by the male player, Mio-chan attacks bravely and shows an even match against the tough opponent with a continuous flow of attacks! She shows that she's not just an idol player! However, the man also realizes her ability and unleashes a harsh and unrelenting attack! Can Mio Misaki decorate her debut match with a white star? Don't miss the super cute super rookie's battle!

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