BCWP-03 Custom Match - Pro Wrestling Edition 03


A dream work that brings fans' desires to life has been created!

Everyone has had the thought at least once, "If only this work had my favorite scene, it would be even better!" "This costume would look better!" "What about a technique that hasn't been seen before?" "This situation would be more moe from a setting perspective!" etc., where they imagine their own desires for the work! This work is a special production that allows customers to purchase the right to be involved in the creation of the work before it is filmed, to clearly express their opinions, and to stand on the customer side of the production process!

This custom match is a brutal one where the same costumes are used for 5 fights...!! In the match, retired popular idol Seven Seas Yua and the strongest wrestler Shark Island Aya, face each other in a pro-wrestling rule match! Seven Seas is not weak and is a skilled and strong player, but she is no match for Shark Island's overwhelming physical and technical abilities! The match unfolds dominantly...!! The sight of the beautiful girl sinking into the ring with a sense of despair, without being rewarded for all the effort she has put in, is bittersweet!!!

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