BSWT-04 Star Wrestler Birth! 4


Aim to become the superstar of tomorrow! The story of a fresh female wrestler's struggle!

The match rules are decided by a best-of-three falls, with the first wrestler to score two falls being declared the winner, as they aim for the seat of the shining future top star!

Player Nanao, with her small face and charming big breasts, makes her debut! As a newcomer who is not hesitant to jump despite her small stature, what kind of fight will she show in this match? Her sadistic and masochistic tendencies are a must-see!

A newcomer with a shining aura steps into the ring, aiming to become the top star! In a sense, she has already demonstrated the demeanor of a veteran since her debut match. When she takes the offensive, she uses her unique language to mentally corner her opponent... but what will be the fate of the victory?

Popular self-shot scenes of the wrestlers changing clothes are included, allowing you to get to know the players' personalities even better. We hope you can empathize more with the wrestlers as you watch them in a different light from their appearance in the ring!
Completely focused on eroticism! You'll be delighted by the close-up camera work!

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