FGV-18 Fighting Girls 5 Mix Fight & Image Hitomi Aragaki / Nao Matsumoto


Genius wrestler and beautiful girl of the topic!! Hitomi Aragaki joins FG with a bang!!
Enchanting glamorous body!! Nao Matsumoto.
We bring you a product that records two matches, one with a male wrestler and one with a FG rookie player's image scene, in anticipation of the "FightingGirls5 Queen Of Akihabara SemiFinal" to be held on August 11, 2012!! We captured the talent of a prodigy that has already become known in the industry, as well as a gravure-like character and a sexy newcomer. Even if you're not a FG fan, this is a must-have item!!

We, the Fighting Girls, declare here that we intend to return to the origin that fans desire and draw a clear line from our past performances!!
"Beautiful women wear wrestling costumes, fight with pro-wrestling techniques, and determine the winner." There are many catfight events, but is that really what fans want? Do fans want to see fights where women dress up in frilly, self-satisfying clothes and playfully wrestle? Do fans want performances where they just chat and make people laugh? No, fans don't want that. What fans want is to see fighters wearing ring costumes that show off their body lines, fights where even if they are clumsy, their determination shines through, and most importantly, where there is a clear winner. Isn't that what fans want to see up close? We, the Fighting Girls, declare here that we intend to return to the origin that fans desire and draw a clear line from our past performances.

The genius wrestler of the topic, "Hitomi Aragaki,"
Unbelievable physical abilities from a loli-looking appearance!!
The ultimate talent with a "real female pro wrestler" background that appeared in the catfight world like a comet!! She caused a sensation by joining FG with a bang, and her future activities are sure to attract attention!!
She embodies the philosophy of FG as a strong and cute presence!!
With a look that still retains the innocence of a young girl and a flexible body, she overwhelms even male wrestlers with her powerful springs. Such players only appear once every 10 years!! You can't afford to miss her!!

The coexistence of a sexy body and a beautiful face, "Nao Matsumoto"
Power that contrasts with the sexy allure of men!!
Her calm and healing character becomes very serious when it comes to fighting!! This attitude and philosophy are exactly what FG is looking for, and she is truly a legitimate FG member!!
Her beautiful fighting style is impressive!!
A beautiful fighter who charms men with a gentle smile and a glamorous body. Although she lacks experience, her hidden power is undoubtedly one of the best in FG. What kind of chemical reaction will she bring to the FG battlefront as she competes with Bomber Himeshima, her fellow FG member?

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