FGV-48 Fighting Girls Volume 10 2014.4.19 Return to the Roots FightingGirls Champion Title Match 2014


5 recorded games held live!!
April 19, 2014... The first of the year features new rookie beauties and an enhanced version of the title match!!
On April 19, 2014, will undefeated rising star Mao Kinjo defeat champion Kuni Mi? Seven new beautiful debutantes return to their roots with a "return to basics." The FG of 2014 starts here!! Relive the five hot year-end matches on video!!

April 19, 2014 FightingGirls10 Return to Basics!! Fighting Girls Championship Title Match!!
On April 19, 2014, "Fighting Girls 10 Return to Basics" was held. This work records the events of that time. It is a live event that returned to the "origin of cute girls fighting hard." The highly anticipated Kuni vs. Kinjo title match is also included, and it's breathless from start to finish!! Witness the first FG of the year, adorned with beauties!!

Opening Match ~ Fairy and Professional: Moe Ami vs. Ao
Lethal Weapon from the Pink Cafe au Lait WBS Army arrives!! The mysterious mask woman "Ao"!! A true professional with experience in another women's wrestling organization comes to FG!! Moe Ami, who can't lose to other organizations, has a high possibility of being dominated with a mournful expression from the opening match...!?

Second Match ~ The Sanction Match: Miho Ayatsuki vs. Mana Kinjo
Miho Ayatsuki, who became the first queen in the Fresh Start Tournament, has come to show the true power of BATTLE to "Mana Kinjo," who suffered the disgrace of being defeated and returned from a solo trip to Korea bearing the name of BATTLE!! The clear structure of "babyface vs. heel" is classical but significant!! This is an important match that also affects the pride of the organization, and there are high expectations for Miho!!

Third Match ~ Power of the New Generations: Ami Issei vs. Azusa Narumiya
New and unique talents are blooming!! The type that drastically changes strength depending on emotion, "Ami Issei," takes on S-type babyface "Azusa Narumiya" head-on!! How will these two with the potential to shape the future interact in the live environment? Will it be Narumiya's joint techniques or Issei's lethal Bomaye? Their abilities are evenly matched, and because they are the same generation, they want to be one step ahead of their opponent!

Semifinal ~ Prelude of New Leaders: Runa Amemiya vs Riko Panther

Continuing her remarkable performance in FG, Runa Amemiya, who is now considered the top candidate for the next champion, will face off against Riko Panther, who debuted in BATTLE with a "skip grade" and was destined to be a future star. They will collide in the semifinals!! They have already faced each other in FG Dojo matches, and this encounter will become a crucial element in the future of FG10. There is no doubt that these two will lead FG and BATTLE in the future. That's why this match is an absolute must-win!!

Main Event ~ FG Champion Title Match 2014: Nana Kunimi vs Mao Kinjo

Mao Kinjo, who made a stunning debut by defeating Shingaki at FG in Osaka, is the real deal!! After defeating B-1 Tournament 2nd Finalist, Mascara Roja, at FG9 and challenging Kunimi, she defeated the reigning champion, Nana Kunimi, in a non-title match in Pro Style THE BEST II. She finally made it to the title match. Kunimi, who has overcome numerous challenges and defended her title against Shingaki at FG10, faces a crucial moment as a fighter. This is the highest level match that only chosen ones can create a story of battle. This is an absolute must-win fight.

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