IGSF-02 Infinite Girls Special Fight 02


W Title Match for the Infinity X and K-CAT Unlimited Class Championships!
A confrontation between two organizations, betting on their reputation and pride! The intense battle of two heroines!!
K-CAT PROJECT's heroine challenges Infinity X's formidable opponent!!

The second team competition between Infinity X and K-CAT PROJECT!
Rina Tanahashi defeated Ichika Kasagi in the previous battle, earning her the right to challenge for the Unlimited Class Championship title match.
However, the championship became vacant, and this confrontation became a new championship deciding match!
Moreover, Ichinose also puts her own K-CAT Unlimited Class belt on the line!
Thus, the winner will become the two-belt champion of Infinity and K-CAT, making it a special match! Ichinose defeated Yulia Kuroe and jumped into the Infinity ring with momentum, but this time her opponent is the highly skilled Rina Tanahashi, who does not seem like a rookie. It will be a match that tests Ichinose's true value! Without hesitation, Ichinose provokes Tanahashi and showcases previously unseen techniques to keep up with her!
It is a destiny battle betting on the reputation that will put both organizations at risk of losing their belts! Which player will become the two-belt champion!?

Participating players: Rina Tanahashi / Sara Ichinose
Director: Hirosuke Hitomi / Infinity X

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