IPT-02 Pay Back Time 02


In her debut match, newcomer Yuzuki Riana tried to get revenge on her tough senior coach, Tsuji Meiri, who had been pushing her hard until now, but ended up being miserably defeated. However, she is given another chance for revenge. With the previous loss still fresh in her mind, Yuzuki has been practicing hard and is determined to defeat Tsuji. As soon as the bell rings, Yuzuki launches a surprise attack on Tsuji, but is countered and completely overwhelmed. Is it the difference in experience and skill that's causing the gap? However, Yuzuki's burning desire for revenge won't allow her to be defeated easily. She resorts to any means necessary, including illegal and weapon attacks! Can Yuzuki achieve her revenge, or will she be defeated by Tsuji once again?

Participants: Yuzuki Riana / Tsuji Meiri
Director: Hirokazu Hitomi / InfinityX

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