IGSF-05 Infinite Girls Special Fight 05


New rising heroine, Anzu Suzune, with outstanding abilities, challenges Sara Ichinose! Sara continues to grow at an alarming rate, displaying the aura of an ace! Anzu shows exceptional talent and fighting spirit, making for a great battle of emotions and skill!

Sara Ichinose faces a tough opponent in a team match. Through intense battles with stronger opponents, she has grown to become the ace of K-CAT with a commanding presence. Her opponent this time is the rookie, Anzu Suzune, who possesses extraordinary abilities and fighting spirit, making her a threat as a new heroine!

Despite being a rookie, Anzu displays a strong mentality and skill that rivals Sara's career experience. She shows eagerness in her attacks, screams of desperation when being hit, and has alluring and curvy thighs! She is a new heroine with great potential for the future! However, Sara cannot afford to lose. The tragic heroine has graduated, and she cannot afford to lose to a newcomer.

Both pride and emotions clash in an intense battle between these two heroines!

Players: Anzu Suzune/Sara Ichinose
Coach: Hirosuke Hitomi/InfinityX.

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