IGW-01 Infinite Girls Wrestling 01


New Beautiful Women's Fighting Manufacturer 【Infinity X】 has finally launched!!
Sadistic fights by beautiful women!!
Ichika can't lose to the newcomers as a senior wrestler!!

When newcomer wrestler Sakura Kurosaki first joined, she struggled to keep up with the tough training and was whipped and humiliated by her senior wrestler, Cutey Ichika.
However, despite experiencing setbacks and struggles, she continued to work hard in her training and finally made her debut.
Her opponent in that debut match was none other than Cutey Ichika herself!
Sakura wanted to show her growth by borrowing the glamorous and cool image of her senior wrestler.
But during the match, Ichika demonstrated the difference in experience and skill between them.
Sakura realized the harsh reality of a real match, but she couldn't afford to lose! She managed to fight back against Ichika's attacks and show her own counterattacks!
As the match progressed, Ichika began to feel the pressure from Sakura's unexpected growth, and she couldn't afford to lose to that rookie wrestler!
This match had an outcome that exceeded everyone's expectations...!!

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