IMT-01 X Unlimited Class Tournament First Round Match 1


Infinity X Tournament for the First Championship Begins!

A fierce and intense match is unfolding, surpassing the orthodox vs. heel framework! The aggressive and aggressive two fighters engage in a harsh and ruthless fight!

Infinity X has finally decided to establish a new championship title! Its name is “Infinity X Indiscriminate Champion.” To determine the first champion, a tournament featuring four fighters is held!

In the first match of the first round, Mitsuki Nagisa and Saya Minami face off. Mitsuki Nagisa was praised for her excellent sense and potential despite her unfortunate defeat last time. On the other hand, Saya Minami is a powerful and aggressive fighter.

Saya overwhelms Mitsuki with her aggressiveness and power, but Mitsuki shows an aggressive fight that is unrecognizable from her previous defeat and does not lose to Saya! Saya, who has a somewhat heel-like personality, attacks Mitsuki in a torturous manner, but Mitsuki retaliates without losing!

This match is the most intense and heated battle since the beginning of Infinity X! Only one person will advance to the final round…!! And who will emerge as the first champion and shine in the glory of victory among the four fighters?

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