IGSF-03 Infinite Girls Special Fight 03


We will deliver a stunning and fierce battle of beautiful women with the most beautiful visuals ever seen in Infinity X!
A luxurious and beautiful match is unfolding in real professional wrestling!
The beautiful female fighters from Infinity X and K-CAT PROJECT will step into the ring, risking their honor and pride!

This is the third team battle using the real professional wrestling ring, which is being used as K-CAT PROJECT's new home ring!
The Infinity assassin, Yuzuki Riana, will face K-CAT's heroine, Ichinose Sara, in a battle of beautiful female wrestlers representing both organizations.
Furthermore, special referee Kanenae Konomi will appear and judge their confrontation! She also appears in a white and black high-legged swimsuit and looks stunning!
The referee's appearance creates exciting scenes such as the back and forth counts, and the players yelling "no" to the submission calls!

The use of the real ring brings sharp contrast and brightness to the screen, making it the most beautiful and gorgeous visual experience in Infinity X history!
Enjoy the beautiful women's battle with stunning visuals!
Please watch the intense and passionate fight of these two beautiful women who have evolved and become stronger until the end!

Players: Yuzuki Riana / Ichinose Sara
Director: Hirokazu Hitomi / Infinity X.

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