BDOP-03 Domination Only Women's Pro Wrestling 3


Two Complete Defeats to Come!!

Ayase Himari vs. Meguro Hinami
With two possible outcomes, both sides will face defeat.
What does "domination only" mean...?
It means that the outcome of the game will be different in every aspect!!
Although it's the same game, the situation will change completely from the beginning!!
No, the outcome was decided even before the game started...!?

Excessive pride sometimes leads to destruction...!!
A powerful revenge through "actions speak louder than words" with domination!!

The tragedy of a player who had been boasting with confidence during the pre-game interview, but ended up suffering a humiliating defeat (from their perspective)! The miserable sight of the player who received a strong backlash is emphasized by the insertion of the pre-game interview! This is a women's professional wrestling production that will excite maniacs who enjoy watching one-sidedly beaten female fighters!! Furthermore, both players' complete defeat from start to finish is recorded in a 2WAY style, in which both perspectives are shown in the same match!! Let's enjoy the pathetic sight of two people who have become biting dogs just because they spoke too much!!

Both players will suffer from humiliating defeat, far from their arrogant words.

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