BRTP-04 READY TO RUMBLE Version Pink 4


Are you ready to fight?

Match 1:
Hana Haruna with her explosive breasts vs. Shiori Uno with her flat chest in the second round of their topless fight! Once again, Haruna is forced to fight topless, but she throws away her shame and uses her huge breasts as weapons. Uno, on the other hand, wears a swimsuit and taunts Haruna's toplessness. Despite being attacked, Haruna's breasts bounce wildly, and once again, Uno finds her face buried in Haruna's massive bosom!

Match 2:
Wakatsuki, who revived the Anti-Battle Federation, inexplicably fights topless, with plans to even bring Naked, whom she previously opposed, into her organization. Upon seeing her, Hamazaki complains that her sexy outfit is not prominent enough. It's Babyface vs. Heel as two former champions become superstars, both with their breasts exposed, in a sexy and intense battle filled with emotions!

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