BWM-13 BWP Intergender Men Win Vol.13


Professional wrestling is a noble sport where one uses only their physical body to subdue their opponent and determine who is truly the strongest. In this battle, regardless of gender, women have challenged men to compete as equals (intergender wrestling). If they fight on completely "equal" terms with no handicaps, the woman is naturally overpowered and inevitably defeated by the man. The expression of a brave female warrior covered in humiliation is the ultimate spectacle!

Experience the beautiful female wrestlers in defeat...!!

First Match: Marina Tsukina
In this innocent and earnest slender girl mix fight, she challenges a male wrestler with an overwhelming physical advantage. She is easily lifted up and dominated, screaming and fainting in humiliation when faced with this gentle beauty in her red school swimsuit. This is the classic male-dominated style of professional wrestling!

Second Match: Natsuki Yokoyama
The renowned powerhouse Natsuki Yokoyama makes her appearance! Her fair-skinned body has evolved even more, emphasizing her voluptuous bust and hips as she wears a swimsuit. She delivers powerful moves such as powerbombs and brainbusters, but even when she fights back, she is ultimately controlled and defeated. The submission of a strong woman! This is the strong style of mixed gender professional wrestling!

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